Natural Stool Softener Food for Optimal Digestive Health

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Published: 01st November 2010
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Constipation is painful and can hurt the person since hardened stools are unbearable due to cramping and discomfort in the abdominal area. If left untreated, it will make the pain worst and will lead to more serious health issues like hemorrhoids. To get rid of this, natural stool softener food is needed.

Over-the counter laxatives are the common remedy of many individuals. Using these, fecal matters in the gastrointestinal track are not removed. However, natural remedies are more powerful in removing feces in the walls of the colon and the intestines. Thus, future blockages can be properly eliminated.

Honey can work wonders if taken with one tablespoon with or without water. Couple the honey with sesame seeds and it will give your intestines the roughage and bulk which is essential to make the passing of stools easier. These sesame seeds can be tossed on salads and other foods. Rhubarb is another food good for the intestinal tract. This can be prepared in baked pies or can be pureed drinks.

Aside from these, there are other remedies that can be used to treat constipation. You can follow these processes. First is to stay water in a copper container overnight and drink this in the morning while your stomach is still unfilled. Second is to combine teaspoon of Epson salt in a glass of water to heal indigestion. Third is to drink cup of orange juice mixed with olive oil especially in the morning. Fourth is to drink combined spinach and carrot juice or an acid lime juice with a teaspoon of salt added on it before bedtime.

Always see to it that you have adopted before meal method of one teaspoon of linseed with water or a glass of lukewarm water with fennel seeds in case there is digestive difficulty. For harsh or chronic digestive disorder, figs dipped in water are good but drink this in the morning. Guava is also a good treatment provided it is taken in the morning.

In all of these instances, sufficient intake of fluid is a contributing factor to ease indigestion. Fluid especially water is very essential to our body system to prevent dehydration and to make elimination of wastes easy. In addition to this, everyday exercise is necessary since this involves bodily movement which can help in the proper functioning of our body systems especially our digestive tract.

Natural stool softener food should not be disregarded because this is needed by our digestive health

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