Constipation Remedies for Infants

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Published: 04th November 2010
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I know a pretty industrious and straightforward mother. She has a daughter and at that time she left her job and settled down just too exclusively look after her baby. The baby was beautiful and wonderful. As time passes by, and as I continually observe her ways on how to take care of her daughter, I noticed that she really knows what she does and he is the best at it.

Gabrielle, the motherís baby was continuously breastfed. Occasionally, it would take 2 days before she excretes solid waste. It is obvious that she is not comfortable with her stomach ache. Gabrielle then would cry aloud and turn left and right, telling us that she really needs help.
Most parents of infants experience this problem. By reading further below, you will know more easy and home ready ideas on how to cure constipation. The best that I have asked around so far, is by giving her more fluid.

Infants who are exclusively breastfed by their mothers are usually the most common ones to suffer from constipation. This is because of the high number of proteins and amino acids found in breast milk. Constipation happens when the digestive systemís absorption of fluid is faster than the supply. Those proteins and amino acids are absorbed by the intestines so fast thus leaving the other nutrients and substances in the colon. With this knowledge, it is best that we know some constipation remedies for them.

By letting the baby drink water before feeding them will be very beneficial. Water will act as a lubricant to the hardened stool trapped inside the babyís colon. Although the baby may not like it because its tasteless, he or she will get used to it as we apply it regularly.
Adding a few drops honey syrup or maple syrup to the water is also a tried and tested constipation remedy for infants. The mothers who do this say that the honey or syrup that they have used helps in relieving the stomach pain quickly. It also acts a powerful laxative for babies. After drinking the solution, they say that it would just take 10 to 15 minutes before the babyís bowel movement releases.
Another constipation remedy is to let the baby drink fruit juices as well. The fruit juices mentioned here are pureed fresh fruits, not juices that came from cartons or cans. By using a puree machine or a blender you can take a banana or a piece of papaya and juice it out. By using a baby spoon, slowly help her drink. By following this, it would not just help the baby relieve its constipation but it would also provide certain vitamins and minerals that its body needs.
Another thing to observe is, when the baby usually suffers from constipation that means that he or she is not compatible with the milk that she is drinking. If you are experiencing this, it is strongly advisable that you switch to soya based milks instead.

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